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As part of our family's annual vacation to Florida we visit Disney World.  Our goal was to try to visit every park and attraction.  It's a blast for my daughter, now a teenager,  even though she's outgrown a majority of the so-called "Disney magic!"  But there's something for all ages and we tend to find a little touch of that magic when we re-discover the old as well as the new.  It's a great time!  As a photographer there is visual eye candy all around when you've learned to "see photographically."  Sometimes the problem is deciding what not to photograph!  

I really enjoyed our trip this year to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  The park is an actual nature reserve, hosting the big cats of Africa, plains locals like giraffe and enormous and majestic silver-backed gorillas.  Here are some of my favourites from our "mini safari".  We have every intention to make a beautiful photo book of these images! 

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