about greg


When I photograph, I aim to preserve moments in time during your session that capture something deeper than just a pretty picture…I capture emotions.  From the way you and your loved ones hold hands to how you walk, talk and interact with each other.  Those telling expressions and gestures are what truly tell a story about who you really are.  I keep the mood fun, relaxed and natural in order to capture a wide rage of moments.  From happy, quirky and silly to reserved, stoic and serious.  It’s your true self and it’s wonderful!  After all, true emotions remind us in a photograph, when passed down through our family - who we really are.  

I have been a photographer for over 17 years, coming from a professional background in photojournalism with law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and have earned numerous awards.  Geeky facts about me: 

Yep, I'm a coffee lover, Apple fan-boy, nature lover, 70’s & 80's music buff, Sci-fi & super-hero movie geek.  I love to laugh, tell jokes and be silly...

Contact me today and lets work together to make memories.